Damola Oladipo

IT and Visual Designer

Damola is an autodidact multipotentialite, entrepreneur, tech innovator, Peace advocate, and digital visibility professional. For the past three years I have dedicated a lot, if not most, of my free time to help organizations that I have joined build solid digital presence. He is the of head of Digital Engagements at Constitution Lab and I volunteer with various organizations.

He is the country representative, UNESCO Centre for Peace

Winner of the UNESCO Abuja Jingle Challenge against Dis- and Mis- information about COVID-19. Guest Student Researcher with MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He is the founder of Glosschoice Technologies

Damola had his Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Degree in Linguistics in 2017 from the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

He is passionate about people and communities thrive through self-sufficiency and mentoring young people with specific skills and relevant knowledge.