Educational Qualifications and Leadership: The Nigerian Reality

Education, as often touted by many thought leaders and think tanks, is the bane of any modern society’s existence. Many countries’ ratings for development (or lack thereof) is its educational system and the effectiveness and efficiency of same; be it in terms of quality (standard and content) or quantity (the sheer number of its educated population).

PVC4Her call for women volunteers

PVC4Her Campaign

PVC4Her is a women-focused project, designed to improve effective participation in the voting and the electoral process across 20 Local Government Development Areas (LGDA) in Lagos state.

Your PVC: Plastic or Power

The Nigerian Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, however, many do not have a working knowledge of the Constitution which has provided a leeway for manipulation to favour a few as against the masses.

Quiz on Nigeria’s constitution held for secondary schools

In a bid to ensure that Nigerian citizens become aware of provisions of the country’s constitution and be actively involved in governance, especially from a young age, the  ConstitutionLab recently held the maiden edition of its quiz competition on the Nigerian Constitution for secondary schools in Lagos.